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Supplemental pellet feed for animal feeding attractions

Nutritionally Improved Straw (NIS) has been tried, tested, and trusted by farmers for over 30 years.

Petting Pellets brings NIS to smaller farm parks and livestock operations in easy-to use, convenient bags for re-sale to visitors as part of animal feeding experiences.

Replace your grass pellets with a high fibre, low energy alternative.


Natural Forage Feed

Petting Pellets are a compressed and pelleted natural forage animal feed that’s low in protein and energy for supplemental feeding.

Bales of straw being loaded onto a trailer

High Quality, Made Locally

Petting Pellets are produced to a consistent high quality from locally grown British straw in our own facility, and certified by FEMAS.


Made for Little Hands

Petting Pellets are perfect for little hands to feed their favourite animals. They are highly profitable when re-bagged for public animal attractions.

Petting Pellets are suitable for all herbivores

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Llamas and Alpacas

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Horses, Ponies and Donkeys

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Cows and Calves

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Sheep, Goats and lambs

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Deer and antelope

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Rabbits and guinea pigs

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100% British

Made from locally-grown British straw, a natural high fibre forage feed


Value For Money

Economimcal supplementary feed that offers high resale value


Suitable for all herbivores

Ideal for feeding experiences with all weaned herbivores


Easy to Feed

Highly palatable and easy to feed, even with little hands

How to buy Petting Pellets

Petting Pellets are supplied in 20kg bags, 50 bags to a pallet direct to your farm. Please contact us for pricing and to order. Smaller quantities are available through our wholesalers, please contact us for information.

Bag of Petting Pellets

Benefits of Sundown Petting Pellets

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Suitable for all herbivores

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Lower in protein and energy than other pellet feeds

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Palatable and easy to feed

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Supports good gut and rumen function

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Controls weight gain and lessens the risk of laminitis

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Economical and profitable at re-sale

Petting Pellets can be fed alone or mixed with a blend of other dry pellets.

What our customers think about Petting Pellets


Small Breeds Farm Park

“We’ve been using Petting Pellets for years on our Farm Park for the public to feed our animals with. We wouldn’t use anything else as you can feed it to any animal and ours love eating it. Highly recommended!”

Mini Meadows Farm

“Changing from our traditional grass nut to Sundown petting pellets has been great. A reduction in waste in our animal pens whilst still being able to maintain a well balanced healthy diet. We will definitely be using these for the foreseeable future.”

Standalone Farm

“Petting Pellets work well for us as the animals seem to like them and there is little risk from over feeding.”

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