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    We specialise in the manufacture of the highest quality, purpose-made horse bedding.

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Meet Sundown’s range of high quality bedding

Since 1998, Sundown has been producing sustainable, environmentally-friendly horse bedding to give the nation’s horses and ponies the quality rest time they need, to perform at their best.

Our bedding products are made from 100% British straw. We have full traceability on every bale that enters our production facility, and we keep our carbon footprint as low as possible by sourcing our straw from local farmers.

 All our horse bedding products are regularly tested by a DEFRA approved laboratory for your peace of mind.

Discover the Sundown bedding range

Sundown Green

IMG_8227 Green side stack

Dust-free, chopped wheat straw horse bedding, with eucalyptus fragrance

Sundown Yellow

IMG_8203 Yellow ed

Dust-free, chopped rapeseed straw horse bedding, with eucalyptus fragrance



Highly absorbent, dust-free, soft straw pellet horse bedding

About Sundown

Sundown is owned and run by David and Rachel Cubitt. The business has been producing bedding since 1998, and our family bought the business in 2004. Since then, we have continually invested in the products and the production process, to meet the needs of our customers. We’re a farming and equine family, with our own horses and ponies, and our sons riding at various levels of competition, and for pleasure.

We are committed to sourcing British raw materials and ingredients for our products, and to supporting a more sustainable equine industry.


Eucalyptus fragrance

In 1998, Sundown was the first manufacturer to add a eucalyptus fragrance to its horse bedding products, to improve the stable environment. It is still a key feature of our Sundown Green and Sundown Yellow bedding products and our customers often remark on how much they love the fresh scent of their bedding and how clean their horse’s stable smells.

Straw pellet innovation

In 2019 we launched Sun-e-bed, a new dust-free soft straw pellet which makes mucking out a breeze. This 100% straw pellet bedding is easier to handle, store, and dispose of, as well as being highly absorbent.

Unlike wood pellets and other straw pellets, Sun-e-bed doesn’t need to be watered before use. It’s soft crumbly structure breaks down quickly under the horse’s bodyweight and hooves.

New bale packaging

In 2021 we branded the packaging of our popular Sundown Green and Sundown Yellow chopped straw bedding products, to make them easier to identify in retail stores.