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    Sundown Pellebed is an exciting new approach to poultry bedding.

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Sundown Pellebed Poultry Bedding

An exciting new approach to poultry bedding

Pellebed Development

Over the last year, Sundown has been perfecting a new bedding product with some leading poultry farmers. Pellebed is a sterilised straw crumble, a perfect combination of low bulk density to ensure good floor coverage and enough soft straw to provide good insulation and a soft, stable and absorbent litter.

Sundown Pellebed expands with moisture, most broiler crops do not need any top up bales.

Pellebed has low micro counts, high ammonia absorption and improved foot health reducing pododermatitis.

Pellebed is also about 4 times more dense than shavings providing a smooth stable yet is so soft that the birds are able to exhibit natural dust bathing behaviour.

Sundown Pellebad Close-up v2

Pellebed In Use

Pellebed is four times denser than shavings.

The pictures at the top show day old chicks on Sundown Pellebed and then at 18 days old.

As the bird gets bigger the pellet breaks down, the bed increases in volume and becomes softer, thereby allowing the birds to exhibit natural dust bathing behaviour.

The lower picture shows how Pellebed breaks up in use.

The first video shows Pellebed being spread to create a bed in a poultry shed and highlights it’s key features;

  • Quick and easy to spread
  • A soft straw pellet which provides good insulation
  • It is easy to distinguish pellets from feed
  • Low bulk density to ensure good floor coverage
  • A soft stable and absorbent litter

The second video shows Pellebed in action, expanding as it absorbs moisture.

Sundown Green bales are the ideal complement to use with Pellebed, either as enrichment or top up bales.

Manufacturing of Pellebed

Pellebed is manufactured by Sundown Products at our plant near Huntingdon where we process the best quality wheat straw into a loose straw pellet.

The team at Sundown have been processing straw for different types of animal feed and bedding for the last 40 years.

The unique production process ensures that Pellebed has extremely low micro counts. It is regularly tested by a DEFRA approved laboratory.

The straw is locally sourced, fully traceable and sustainable being an annual by product of agriculture.

Pellebed Delivery

Pellebed can be blown directly into sheds by a Sundown vehicle and blown into sheds or collected from site near Huntingdon upon arrangement.

It can be supplied in 15kg bags.

Once delivered it can be easily spread using a box or spinner spreader.

Sundown is proud and grateful to be supplying many of their original customers and are keen to support the poultry industry as it evolves.

Testimonials For Sundown Pellebed

Gavin Smith Court Hays Farm

We have been using Pellebed for about two years for our poultry.
It is a very good product to use.
Since we have been using it we don’t get podo anymore and it stays a lot drier in the shed which is also very good for the birds.
The added bonus for us is that we spread the used litter on the farm land as it is a win win all around.
I would highly recommend it for everyone to use.

David Kynaston

We have just completed our 3rd cycle using Sundown Pellebedand have been impressed with ease of process from ordering to spreading. We have seen a positive effect on our birds.

To see David’s detailed report please click here

Scott Britcliffe

Been using Pellebed now for my second crop and I love it , the chicks love it and it’s super absorbent like a sponge. Best  litter out there.

Scott Britcliffe
Broiler Farm Manager
Cleat Hill Farm

John Jevons

As a farmer and in general I am a sceptical guy, so naturally I was going to be hesitant about trying a different substrate for our poultry farm.
At first I was dubious about the pellets as it felt like was walking on marbles, however our chicks took to the bedding straight away and have flourished since placement.
I am currently half way through the crop and the pellets have broken/fluffed up and created a nice even, dry substrate for our birds.
The bedding coupled with the chopped straw enrichment bales (also from Sundown) compliment one another well and encourage the birds to display plenty of natural of behaviour.

Mark Wiseman, Rock Farm

I’ve been using Sundown Pellebed for 4 crops over an 11 shed site,before using straw pellets we were lucky to obtain a podo payment over half the sheds, now we regularly get the podo payment across the whole farm, with scores as low as 2% in some sheds.
I can’t stress how beneficial this product is for low podo scores, bird welfare and lower top up bales used. It’s a perfect product.

Pellebed is an exciting new approach to poultry bedding.
Please telephone +44 (0)1480 860 745 for more information.

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