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    We have been manufacturing bedding for the poultry industry for over a decade.

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High Quality Poultry Bedding

Sundown has been manufacturing bedding for the poultry industry for over a decade.

During this time the products have been constantly improved through a continuous programme of research, development and investment. We regularly provide bedding for chickens, turkeys and game birds.

To take the hassle out of the delivery process our fleet of vehicles are all fitted with fork lift trucks to unload.

All products are routinely tested by a DEFRA approved laboratory, this coupled with the fact that our trailers only carry bedding helps maintain the biosecurity of your site.

Sundown specialises in supplying dedusted products that provide a healthy environment for poultry handlers.

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Poultry Bedding Range

Sundown Green

Clean dry wheat straw is selected for this product. It is chopped, dedusted and treated to prevent mould and spore growth before being baled.

Sundown Yellow

The chopped and double dedusted rape straw is highly absorbent due to a pithy inner core, it also has excellent insulation qualities.

New Pellebed

Sundown Pellebed is a new poultry bedding about 4 times more dense than shavings providing a smooth stable bed.

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