Sundown Yellow

Dust-free chopped rapeseed straw horse bedding with eucalyptus fragrance

Green & white union flag style in a sun

100% British straw

Made from locally-grown British rapeseed straw, a by-product of grain harvesting.

Yellow and green leaves

Sustainable bedding

Natural, sustainable and composts quickly for easy disposal.

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Absorbent & hardwearing

Very absorbent pithy core and long-lasting due to its hardwearing properties.

Absorbent and economical

Sundown Yellow is one of the most absorbent chopped straw bedding materials. Made from chopped and double de-dusted British rapeseed straw, the pithy inner core sucks-up urine to keep your horse's bed dry, and easy to muck-out. Rapeseed straw is more robust than wheat straw, which means it's more hard-wearing and your bedding lasts for longer!

The advantages of Sundown Yellow bedding

100% British rapeseed straw

Highly absorbent and eliminates odour

Eucalyptus fragrance

Excellent coverage

Economical and long-lasting

Easy to muck-out

Natural and sustainable

Dust-free (even in the summer!)

Suitable for all bedding systems

Composts quickly for easy disposal

Sustainable and smells great!

Sundown Yellow bedding is made using 100% British locally-sourced rapeseed straw, which is double de-dusted in our factory before being packed into 20kg bales. Each bale provides excellent coverage and is fragranced with eucalyptus. Our customers often comment on the wonderful fresh smell of each bale and that it deters flies in the stable.

What our customers say...

We've used Sundown Yellow & Green bedding for over 10 years. We're very pleased with it, particularly the absorbency, spread, volume, & warmth of the bedding.

Ben Case Racing

We've used Sundown bedding for 14 years and have 50 stabled horses. The bedding is absorbent, easy to work with, & has reduced our mucking-out time substantially.

Linda Tarrant

Changing to Sundown Yellow bedding has been very positive: Cost effective & makes a super, easy-to-mange bed for our dressage horses. Highly recommended!

Paul and Tessa Fielder

How to buy Sundown Yellow bedding

Sundown Yellow is packed in sealed 20kg plastic bales for freshness and ease of handling. Available to buy by the bale from our network of stockists, or in bulk, direct from Sundown.

Buy by the bale

Sundown Yellow is available by the bale from our network of stockists. Find your nearest retailer.

Buy in bulk

Call us to order in bulk. Minimum eight pallets (280 bales) for delivery direct to your yard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the + to get answers to  frequently asked questions about Sundown Yellow bedding

Sundown Yellow can be used as the only bedding for your horse, or used in conjunction with rubber matting, or other bedding products such as Sun-e-bed straw pellets. You can create banks, or leave the bed flat, it’s entirely up to you!

Sundown Yellow is highly absorbent so you won’t need to remove much bedding each day. To keep the bed clean, regularly remove droppings and wet patches.

Our customers often remark on the wonderful eucalyptus fragrance used in our Sundown Yellow bedding.

This fragrance is added during the baling process and help to deter flies and make your stable smell fresh!

You will need between four and five bales of Sundown Yellow to make up a new bed in a 12ft x 12 ft stable.

Top up with one or two bales per week, depending on how much bedding has been removed and how deep you like the bed.

If your horse is used to wheat or rapeseed straw bedding and doesn’t eat its bedding at the moment, it is unlikely to eat Sundown Yellow bedding.

If you are switching from wood shavings, paper, or a pellet bedding (wood pellets or straw pellets) your horse may initially show some interest in eating Sundown Yellow. However, the bedding is not very palatable so most horses soon lose interest.

Straw is a natural forage and will be digested like any other fibre in the diet (like hay or chaff), so there is no need to be concerned if they initially eat a little of the bedding. Ensuring that you feed sufficient fibre in your horse’s diet will discourage them, and water should be freely available at all times.

Sundown Yellow is double de-dusted, making it a dust-free bedding suitable for horses who have dust allergies or respiratory problems like COPD.

It’s also great for humans who suffer with dust allergies when mucking-out!

Unlike wood shavings and pellets, no trees are involved in the production of Sundown Yellow chopped rapeseed straw bedding.

Pine trees can take between 25 – 30 years to reach harvestable size, whereas straw is produced every year, as a natural by-product of grain production. Sundown Yellow is made from rapeseed straw.

The structure of straw means that it is highly bio-degradable. It rots down quickly to form a nutritious compost that releases nitrogen and other nutrients back into the soil, when it is spread as manure onto fields.

We source all our straw from local British farmers. This means we have full traceability on every bale that enters our production facility, and by using mainly local suppliers, we keep help to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Sundown Yellow bedding is is available to buy by the bale from our network of stockists, please contact them for prices.

Visit our stockists page to find your local supplier.

You can also buy Sundown Yellow in bulk, direct from Sundown.

The minimum order for delivery is 280 bales (eight pallets, 35 bales to a pallet). Please call us on 01480 860745 for a quote.

The minimum order for delivery of Sundown Yellow bedding is eight pallets (280 bales). Pallets are hooded for extra protection and all our vehicles have forklifts so you don’t have to worry about unloading.

Please see our delivery page for more information about delivery times and access requirements.

For smaller quantities, you can buy Sundown Yellow from our network of stockists.

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