Sundown are pleased to introduce a brand new bedding that can be delivered on a pallet direct to your door.


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sun-e-bed provides a highly absorbent bedding that is quick and easy to use. Customers have found it super efficient, removing very little bedding each day and finding that waste product rots down quicker than any wood based bedding resulting in compost providing a good source of slow release nitrogen.

sun-e-bed is available as a pallet of 70 (15kg) bags providing huge space saving benefits over conventional bedding. Generally people use 6-9 bags to create an initial bed plus an additional 1-2 bags per week to top up ie 1 pallet should provide a 6-12 month supply for 1 horse.

Pallet of 70  branded bags. The charge is £4.95 + VAT a bag ( total £5.94/bag ) ie £346.50 + VAT a pallet (total £415.80/pallet inc VAT)

Please click on the following link to download sun-e-bed delivery instructions

To order please call us on 01480 860 745 where we can take payment by credit card.

NB should your horse be persistent in eating its new bedding sprinkle just the top layer with water to activate the crumble to fluff. We have found that if horses are used to a wood pellet bedding they show little interest in sun-e-bed but should they move directly from shavings to sun-e-bed they may be curious.

Straw is locally sourced and the sustainable choice being an annual by product from agriculture

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Lauren Bates

I just want to say that after using the sun e bedding for over a week now, I honestly don’t think I could ever use another type of bedding again. This bedding is absolutely fantastic, greatly reduces odour, is super absorbent and I am only taking out 1/4 of a wheelbarrow every time I muck out. And at such a reasonable price, I am absolutely thrilled with this product. THANK YOU.


Chantal Siddle

I started using sun-e-bed having been so disgruntled with the dust factor of other pellets….well its AWESOME! …Absorbent …not dusty …easy to use…just brilliant …we use it in the vets practise stables as brilliant to keep clean and the best we found for airways…doesnt stick to rugs…

Sarah Childs

Hugo & Sam have been on sun-e-bed for two weeks now.
I have tried an assortment of different bedding in the past and have to say that I was sceptical when I opened the bag.
But I have to say it’s very absorbent even with the dirtiest pony in Northamptonshire!
It also makes a nice deep bed.
My daughter has a dust allergy and since using sun-e-bed hasn’t had a reaction whilst being in the stables.
My only complaint is that Hugo won’t get out of his comfy bed in the mornings.
My advice, “give sun-e-bed a go”

Kate Whittaker Pegrum

This bedding is nice and easy to muck out, highly absorbent so less muck to take out, which makes for a nice small muck heap. Very pleased with this product.

El Raven

Super pleased with the bedding – we are now using it in the lorry and one bag goes such along way, not only is it so absorbent but also keeps the lorry smelling much more pleasant than soggy shavings. So so easy to muck out too. A great product and great value for money would highly recommend.  

Tabitha Worsley

Couldn’t recommend more highly! Provides a lovely cushioned bed for the horses and stays very clean (even with my dirtiest horse!) Easy maintenance, only needing one bag a week to top the bed up. Quicker and easier to muck out than both shavings and straw. Muck heap is also considerably smaller which is an added bonus!

Victoria Ferguson

I feel I’ve given this brilliant new straw pellet quite a test. I’m using it with my messy and constantly in season mare while she stands in during the day to control her weight. I can not recommend it highly enough. She ate a tiny bit to start with but spraying it with water stopped her eating it. It smells lovely and is incredibly absorbent. There are no ammonia smells and mucking out is so easy, just the heaps and very little else. We will definitely continue using it.

Dominic Sewell

Easy to manage no waste when mucking out.
And useful as a compost.

Emily Ferguson

Having used sun-e-bed for the last 3 weeks, our muck heap is looking considerably smaller than usual! I have found this bedding to be very quick and easy to use because the highly absorbent pellets help to create little waste. Not only does the bedding smell great whilst not being at all dusty but it still looks just as clean as when we put it down.

Charlotte Fray

Extremely easy to use and muck out from. Only three or four bags needed to create a deep bed in a 12x14m stable!

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