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Highly absorbent soft straw pellet bedding

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100% British straw

Made from locally-grown British straw, a by-product of grain harvesting.

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Sustainable bedding

Natural, sustainable, and composts quickly for easy disposal.

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Highly absorbent

Our most absorbent bedding. Eliminates odour and highly economical.

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Mucking out, made easy!

Sun-e-bed is a highly absorbent, sustainable, horse bedding that speeds up mucking-out without compromising on bed quality or comfort.

The soft straw pellet breaks down to a fluffy, comfortable bed, with no dust, making it suitable for horses (and humans) who suffer from dust allergies and respiratory disorders.

Unlike wood pellets and other straw pellets, Sun-e-bed does not need watering before use, saving you time and hassle!

The advantages of Sun-e-bed horse bedding

100% British straw

Saves time mucking-out

Economical and space-saving

No watering required

Suitable for all bedding systems

Composts quickly for easy disposal

Dust-free (even in summer)

Highly absorbent and eliminates odours

Natural and sustainable

Sun-e-bed bedding

Soft, absorbent, and economical

Made from short straw fibres, Sun-e-bed fluffs up to a soft and supportive bed for your horse.

The bedding is highly absorbent. Wet patches clump together for easy removal, and lock away the ammonia smell.

You won't need to remove much bedding each day, which will keep your muck-heap small and reduce your bedding costs!

Comparison of wood pellets and Sun-e-bed

Sun-e-bed is superior to wood pellet horse bedding

Compared to wood pellets, Sun-e-bed is a sustainable, high-quality, virtually dust-free horse bedding that rots down quickly in the muck-heap and can more easily be disposed of as garden compost or manure to spread on fields.

Sun-e-bed is made from British straw, a by-product of wheat farming, and a renewable and sustainable source. Sun-e-bed straw is sourced from local farmers near the Sundown factory, reducing our impact on the environment.

For the same weight, Sun-e-bed goes further than wood pellets, and doesn't require watering.

Why our customers love Sun-e-bed

After using the Sun-e-bed bedding for over a week now, I honestly don’t think I could ever use another type of bedding again.

Lauren Bates

Started using Sun-e-bed 3 weeks ago and I think it’s solved all my problems! No allergy symptoms for me and it’s also very absorbent so mucking out is quicker.

Louise Carbury

Sun-e-bed is easily the best all-round bedding, even with the wettest horse. So quick to muck out and economical. The horses love to lie down on it.

Belinda Naylor

How to buy Sun-e-bed

Sun-e-bed is available in 15kg bags from our network of stockists or direct from Sundown. Full pallet (65 bags) £ 386.10 or half pallet (30 bags) £198 inc VAT and delivery. Please call us to place an order for delivery.

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Buy by the bag

Sun-e-bed is available by the bag from our network of stockists. Find your nearest retailer.

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Buy in bulk

Call us to order Sun-e-bed by half pallet (30 bags) or full pallet (65 bags) for delivery.

Read more from our customers

I moved my mare onto Sun-e-bed 3 weeks ago and can honestly say it’s been the best decision of my life. So easy to muck out and halved the amount I was spending on bedding a month.

Aimee Luke

This winter I tried straw pellets from two companies and Sundown was by far the best. Smaller pellets and didn’t need water, broke down and absorbed really well.

Elaine Turner

Sun-e-bed is so much better than wood pellets. I am convinced it gives you more bedding than the equivalent wood pellets. 10 mins to muck out a stable is literally amazing.


Frequently Asked Questions

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While other straw and wood pellets are hard and require watering to loosen them, Sun-e-bed pellets are more like a soft crumble. The structure of Sun-e-bed pellets means that they don’t need to be watered, and they break down quickly under the weight of your horse’s hooves and body, to fluff-up into a deep, soft bed.

We are often asked whether Sun-e-bed is dusty. The answer is no!

Compared to wood pellets, which are often made of wood dust, Sun-e-bed is made from straw fibres. These fibres are heavy enough to stay on the floor and not get airborne, creating a comfortable, naturally-dust-free bed.

Sun-e-bed is available in 15kg bags direct from Sundown Products by the pallet (65 bags) and half pallet (30 bags) delivered to your yard.

Pallet (65 bags): £386.10 inc VAT and delivery
Half pallet (30 bags) £198 inc VAT and delivery

Sun-e-bed is available by he bag from our network of retailers. Visit the stockists page to find your nearest one.

If you are a retailer and would like to stock Sun-e-bed, please contact us.

Sun-e-bed can also be purchased from Sundown by the full pallet (65 bags) or half pallet (30 bags) and delivered direct to your yard. Please call us to purchase over the phone.

Sun-e-bed can be used as the only bedding for your horse, or used in conjunction with rubber matting, or other bedding products such as Sundown Green or Sundown Yellow.

To start a new bed with Sun-e-bed straw pellet bedding, you will need between six and eight bags, depending on the size of your stable and how deep you like the bed to be. Simply open the bags with the quick-draw thread and spread evenly over the floor.

Unlike some straw and wood pellets, you don’t need to water Sun-e-bed straw pellets. Simply spread the new pellets out and they will break down gradually within the bed to create a fluffy bedding material. To keep the bed clean, regularly remove droppings and wet patches.

Sun-e-bed is highly absorbent and you won’t need to remove much bedding each day. The droppings will remain on top, and any wet patches will form clumps that are easy to find and remove.

Top up the bed as required, to keep a good depth. Depending on how much material you take out each time you muck-out, expect to use one or two bags a week.

Sun-e-bed is great for even really messy or wet horses, who would otherwise require a lot of bedding to be removed and take a long time to muck-out.

You will need between six and eight bags of Sun-e-bed straw pellets to start a new bed, then one or two bags a week to keep the bed topped-up, depending on how wet your horse is, and how much material you remove each week.

You should expect 60 bags (one pallet) to last six to 12 months for one horse, depending on how many bags you need to use per week.

Can I get Sun-e-bed delivered to my yard?

Sun-e-bed can be purchased direct from Sundown by the half pallet or full pallet and delivered direct to your yard. Delivery is included in the cost.

Please see our delivery page for more information about delivery times and access requirements.

If you are switching from wood pellet bedding to straw pellet bedding, your horse is less likely to be interested in eating Sun-e-bed. However, if your horse is moving from wood shavings, paper, or chopped straw bedding, they may be curious.

Straw is a natural forage and will be digested like any other fibre in the diet (like hay or chaff), so there is no need to be concerned if they eat some of the pellets. However, should your horse be persistent in eating its bed, and you don’t want them to, you can sprinkle just the top layer of the bed with water to activate the crumble, which will cause the bed to fluff-up. Once the pellets have broken down, horses are less interested in the bedding.

Sun-e-bed is a virtually dust-free bedding.

The straw fibres are small, but heavy enough to not become airborne. This means that even when the bedding fluffs-up, or during the dry summer months, Sun-e-bed will not contribute dust to your horse’s environment.  It’s also great for humans who suffer with dust allergies when mucking-out!

Unlike wood shavings and pellets, no trees are involved in the production of Sun-e-bed.

Pine trees can take between 25 – 30 years to reach harvestable size, whereas straw is produced every year, as a natural by-product of grain production. Sun-e-bed is made from wheat straw.

The structure of straw means that it is highly bio-degradable. It rots down quickly to form a nutritious compost that releases nitrogen and other nutrients back into the soil, when it is spread as manure onto fields.

We source all our straw from local British farmers. This means we have full traceability on every bale that enters our production facility, and by using mainly local suppliers, we keep help to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

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