Introducing Sun-e-bed, the soft straw pellet that will revolutionise your horse’s bedding

Sun-e-bed is a highly absorbent, sustainable, horse bedding that speeds up mucking-out without compromising on bed quality or comfort.

The soft straw crumble pellet breaks down to a soft, fluffy bed, with no dust, making it suitable for horses (and humans) who suffer from dust allergies and respiratory issues.

With very little bedding removed each day, Sun-e-bed is economical, and the waste product rots down very quickly once removed, leaving you with a sustainable, soil-improving compost.

Compared with wood shavings, Sun-e-bed is easier to store and transport, with easy-to-handle bags, and decomposes faster in the muck-heap, while still offering excellent absorbency properties and a soft and warm bed.


What are the advantages of straw pellet horse bedding?

Straw is a naturally soft and absorbent material, and makes a warm and comfortable bed. Long straw can be inconvenient to handle, store and muck-out, but when the straw is pelleted you keep all the benefits of the product without any of the negatives!

Unlike wood pellets, straw pellets are crumbly, so they break down easily under your horse’s feet and bodyweight. Straw pellets quickly fluff-up to create a warm, soft, and stable bed with excellent absorbency properties.

Sun-e-bed straw pellets are also an economical bedding choice. You won’t need to take much material out each day to keep your horse’s bed clean.

Straw pellets are lighter than wood pellets, so a bag of Sun-e-bed goes further. You only need six to eight bags to make up a new bed, and depending on how wet your horse’s bed gets, you can top up with one or two bags of Sun-e-bed per week.

Sun-e-bed straw pellets are dust-free, making straw pellet bedding great for horses (and humans!) with dust allergies and respiratory problems.

sun-e-bed straw pellet horse bedding

The benefits of Sun-e-bed straw pellet bedding

  • Made from a straw crumble that fluffs up to a soft, deep bedding
  • Creates a secure and comfortable bed for all horses and ponies
  • Dust-free, great for those with dust allergies and respiratory problems
  • Does not need watering
  • Quick and easy to muck-out
  • Very little bedding has to be removed each day.
  • Highly absorbent and eliminates odour
  • Waste bedding rots down to produce great compost.
  • Suited to all bedding systems, including deep littering, great on rubber matting
  • Provides more coverage than wood pellets because sun-e-bed weighs less
  • Available on a pallet or half pallet, delivered straight to your yard

sun e bed bags in front of stable

sun-e-bed horse bedding close up image

Where can I buy Sun-e-bed straw pellet horse bedding?

Sun-e-bed is available in 15kg bags direct from Sundown Products or from our network of retailers across Great Britain.

Buy Sun-e-bed direct from Sundown

Sun-e-bed is available in 15kg bags direct from Sundown Products by the pallet (65 bags) and half pallet (30 bags) delivered to your yard.

To order please call us on 01480 860 745 where we can take payment by credit card.


Please read our pallet delivery information sheet

Buy Sun-e-bed from a store near me

We have a good network of retailers that stock Sun-e-bed, where you can buy by the bag.

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How to use Sun-e-bed horse bedding

To start a new bed with Sun-e-bed straw pellet bedding, you will need between six and eight bags, depending on the size of your stable and how deep you like the bed to be.

Simply open the bags with the quick-draw thread and spread evenly over the floor.

There is no need to water Sun-e-bed straw pellets.

The soft straw pellets will gradually break down into a fluffy bedding material. To keep the bed clean, regularly remove droppings and wet patches. Sun-e-bed straw pellets are very absorbent so you’ll find you don’t need to remove much bedding each day. The droppings will remain on top, and any wet patches will form clumps that are easy to find and remove.

Top up the bed as required, to keep a good depth. Depending on how much material you take out each time you muck-out, expect to use one or two bags a week.

There is no need to water the bags you use to top-up the bed. Simply spread the new pellets out, and they will break down gradually within the bed.

Made Up Bed of sun e bed

How much Sun-e-bed bedding will I need for my horse?

You will need between six and eight bags of Sun-e-bed straw pellets to start a new bed, then one or two bags a week to keep the bed topped-up, depending on how wet your horse is, and how much material you remove each week.

You should expect 60 bags (one pallet) to last six to 12 months for one horse, depending on how many bags you need to use per week.

What should I do if my horse eats Sun-e-bed bedding?

If you are switching from wood pellet bedding to straw pellet bedding, your horse is less likely to be interested in eating Sun-e-bed. However, if your horse is moving from wood shavings, paper, or chopped straw bedding, they may be curious.

Straw is a natural forage and will be digested like any other fibre in the diet, so there is no need to be concerned if they eat some of the pellets. However, should your horse be persistent in eating its bed, and you don’t want them to, you can sprinkle just the top layer of the bed with water to activate the crumble, which will cause the bed to fluff-up. Once the pellets have broken down, horses are less interested in the bedding.


Why is straw more sustainable for horse bedding?

Straw is produced every year, as a natural by-product of grain production. It is the crop stalk that is discarded when wheat, barley, oats, and oilseed rape is harvested for food. Sun-e-bed is made from wheat straw.

Unlike wood shavings and pellets, no trees are involved in the production of Sun-e-bed.

The structure of straw means that it is highly bio-degradable. It rots down quickly to form a nutritious compost that releases nitrogen and other nutrients back into the soil, when it is spread as manure onto fields.

At Sundown Products we source all our straw from local British farmers. This means we have full traceability on every bale that enters our production facility, and by using mainly local suppliers, we keep help to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Straw Growing

Sun-e-bed straw pellet bedding customer reviews

Sharon B

I am getting on really well with the bedding 😍👍🏻 love it . It is so good with my dust allergies , only one wheelbarrow each day for two horses 15.1 and 16.2 .

I use 2 bags for 16.2 and 1 for 15.1 each week . I do a good muck out once a week and lift all the wet.

My farrier commented on how well their feet are no thrush especially with all those wet storms 👍🏻.

So all in all love it.

Louisa Carbery

Started using this 3 weeks ago and I think it’s solved all my problems!

I am severely allergic to any wood or hemp bedding (asthama, hay-fever) so shavings, wood pellets and miscanthus type beddings are completely out. Straw is fine but I don’t have room at home for a big muck heap and it’s really time consuming and smelly to muck out. I tried shredded paper and card but found them very messy to work with and hard to sweep up.

Sun-e-bed has caused me no allergy symptoms at all, no asthma or runny eyes and sneezing. It’s very absorbent so mucking out is quicker and there’s less wet to take out. It also soaks up the ammonia smell. One of my horses had a nibble of it for the first few days but has now given up.

So all good, I’m very happy now.

Lauren Bates

I just want to say that after using the sun e bedding for over a week now, I honestly don’t think I could ever use another type of bedding again.

This bedding is absolutely fantastic, greatly reduces odour, is super absorbent and I am only taking out 1/4 of a wheelbarrow every time I muck out. And at such a reasonable price, I am absolutely thrilled with this product. THANK YOU.



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