• 275 Holsteins in Herefordshire

    Housed year-round.

Trial Key Facts

  • The trial took place on a single 275 cow herd in Herefordshire. The herd is predominantly Holstein or Holstein-Friesian with a 305 day production average of 9,200 litres. The study took place with the high yielding group.
  • In this trial, the introduction of NIS as an alternative to dietary straw and, to a lesser extent, other concentrate fibre sources, resulted in an increase in production of 1.6 litres per day.
  • NIS-fed cows ate more feed, demonstrated by a 3.22kg increase in dry matter intake on average.
  • NIS-fed cows had lower butterfat percentage than those on a control diet but there was no difference detectable in total butterfat weight produced.
  • At a standard milk price of 26 pence per litre and assuming no deductions for lower butterfat, NIS delivered a return on investment of 3.2:1 at this unit due to improved Feed Conversion Efficiency.

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