Watch our customers using Sun-e-bed in their stables.

Emma Rose from The Welsh Cob Life demonstrates the 5 steps to starting a new bed for your horse, with Sun-e-bed straw pellet horse bedding.

Eden Markl heelsdownandkickon was the winner of our first Instagram competition.

The prize was 30 bags of Sun-e-bed which she is now using with her horse and ponies.

See how she is getting on in her video update.

Molly and Ella review their first use of Sun-e-bed.



Having received their first 30 bags of Sun-e-bed Molly and Ella have created a video showing their experience with this new type of horse bedding.


Customer Testimonials

Brie O'Connor

My gelding is incredibly messy and wet in his stable, which was costing me a fortune.
With straw prices soaring this winter I decided to try the current trend of wood pellets. They were an improvement to long straw but not perfect.
By chance I tried straw pellets as my supplier was out of wood but had ample stock of Sun-e-bed.
I was worried the bags were smaller but they were also cheaper so I gave them a try.
I bought enough bags to cover the 3 stables thinking I’d top up the next weekend.
Well for a start, I have topped up all 4 stables once already and I still have 1 bag in my tack room unopened!
Unlike wood pellets the straw doesn’t break down as dramatically yet still stays clean and dry.
I’m taking out far less and need less to top up.
I didn’t have to soak them like you do wood pellets for either, I just let them do their work.
My gelding did try to eat them initially but soon decided against it. Something no amount of deterrent would do with normal straw.

Belinda Naylor

Over the years I have used various different types of bedding – straw, paper, shavings etc. Sun-e-bed is easily the best all round bedding, even with the wettest horse. So quick to muck out and very economical. The horses love to lie down and I love the low cost and small muck heap

Rebecca Smith

Recently switched from wood shavings to Sun-e-bed due to composting properties, cost saving and time saving.
Delighted with the ease of mucking out.
Super quick, very little mess and much more absorbent than shavings or wood pellets.
My horse nibbled on it out of curiosity the first evening ne was in but quickly decided it wasn’t nice to eat.
I started with 6 bags and alsmost a week later the bed is still nice and thick.
Really good product.

Megan Palmer

I’ve been using Sun-e-bed for 3 days now and the difference in my horses’ beds is amazing!

They are so much quicker to muck out, the bedding is completely dust free so aids my two horses with COPD! And has given them a secure bed that doesn’t move around so I’ve had no damage done to my rubber mats which was a daily occurrence for Lola!

I can’t see myself using any other bedding now!

Aimee Luke

I would highly recommend Sun-e-bed to anybody! Have moved my mare onto it about 3 weeks ago I can honestly say it has been the best decision of my life it’s so easy to muck out and had halved the amount I was spending on bedding a month!

Who can ask for better than that!

Sara Argent

Hello, just started my big boy on the pellets. I must say it’s a learning curve started with six bags and watered a little then added another four I now have a lovely bed approximately 3 inch mattress.

The poop stays on top and is really quick to clear then rake it back and grab the really wet bits approximately every three days . It’s learning not to turn the bed and wait for the wet to show !!

It’s very quick to muck out and my baby dinosaur must like it as he’s laying down at night. The stable he has does not have mats the drainage goes to the door and the roof leaks these pellets absorb it all.

😍 so far so good 😊 x

Eisha Cohen

Hey, I just wanted to say that I’ve changed to Sun-e-bed and I am loving it.

I’ve saved so much bedding and money (as usually I’m putting 3 bags of shavings a week in my horses bed as he’s disgusting) I put 7 bags in last week and it’s being mucked out daily and I haven’t had to put a single bag in yet and still have so much bedding!

Sun-e-bed is fab! X

Elaine Turner

Decided to try new bedding for my two horses this winter and saw adverts for straw pellets bedding and was really interested.

Saw two companies who made them so tried them both and Sundown was by far the best.

The pellets were smaller so didn’t need water which was big plus as they broke down and absorbed really well and gave nice comfortable and fluffy bed.

Love it. 👍 ps so do horses, they told me. 😆

Sharon B

I am getting on really well with the bedding 😍👍🏻 love it . It is so good with my dust allergies , only one wheelbarrow each day for two horses 15.1 and 16.2 .

I use 2 bags for 16.2 and 1 for 15.1 each week . I do a good muck out once a week and lift all the wet.

My farrier commented on how well their feet are no thrush especially with all those wet storms 👍🏻.

So all in all love it.

Jane Skinner

Hi. March 2020.

I bought a full palette (65 bags) 3 weeks ago, and initially sun-e-bed was going down along with the existing bedding (Aquamax – a Canadian wood chip product that needs soaking beforehand).

I had used Aquamax for a couple of winters, but this year, being so wet, it seemed to create a rather damp stable.

Sun-e-bed is an improvement here as it goes on dry and absorbs the wet.

Both products are a similar price (£6.00)/ 15kg bag and equally economical. Both can be used in gateways/entrances with equal effect and both rot down well on the muck heap.

The Sun-e-bed bags are strong, so ideal for bagging up the manure as the last stage in the process.

Happy to recommend this product. Jane Skinner. Bishop’s Stortford Herts.

El Raven
Sun-e-bed The best product we have used in the truck. Makes skipping out mid way through a busy show day super quick and minimal waste going into the skip saving space and lugging it around! Keeps the rubber mats drier and smelling fresher for longer too. One bag goes along way and will last several trips.

Very economical and a great product 👏

Grace Lynch

Less dusty than some wood pellets and absorbent. Gives a good base.

Sharon Elizabeth B

Well I have to say on buying a pallet of Sun-e-bed since we moved the horses a month ago I am so pleased with the bedding I have dust allergies and not an issue at all with the bedding, one wheel barrow muck out for two horses a day plus a skip out and once a week full bed up one wheel barrow each plus one to two bags a week in each stable still looking fab the beds and it makes awesome cat litter no smell and change it a lot less 😍 so pleased I tried it Thankyou 👍😍x

Eli Farrington

I’m a complete convert to Sun-e-bed.

Love the fact that I can order a pallet at a time, it’s highly absorbent, dust free and so economical on waste.

My horse seems very comfortable on it and it’s much softer and fluffier than wood pellets. Brilliant.

Lisa Vye-Parminter
Found out about this bedding a few months ago and it’s amazing. I have a very messy and wet Arab cross….and this bedding is perfect.
No urine smells, no soggy bedding, no dust (great for my asthma) and affordable. X

Vickie Aldus

I wasn’t keen to start with but I’m a convert now!

Less dusty than wood pellets and more absorbent.

No more soaking either! I can muck out 2 stables and only take half a barrow out in total

Louisa Carbery

Started using this 3 weeks ago and I think it’s solved all my problems!

I am severely allergic to any wood or hemp bedding (asthama, hay-fever) so shavings, wood pellets and miscanthus type beddings are completely out. Straw is fine but I don’t have room at home for a big muck heap and it’s really time consuming and smelly to muck out. I tried shredded paper and card but found them very messy to work with and hard to sweep up.

Sun-e-bed has caused me no allergy symptoms at all, no asthma or runny eyes and sneezing. It’s very absorbent so mucking out is quicker and there’s less wet to take out. It also soaks up the ammonia smell. One of my horses had a nibble of it for the first few days but has now given up.

So all good, I’m very happy now.

Clare Cooper

We’ve been using this for a month now and we are very pleased with the results….economical in terms of amount used and how frequently the bed needs to be topped up and in terms of labour required to muck out… doesn’t take as long!!!

Very pleased with this bedding and would highly recommend…. 👍

Shona Alexandra

Less dust than wood pellets and much better for the environment being a by-product!

Lauren Bates

I just want to say that after using the sun e bedding for over a week now, I honestly don’t think I could ever use another type of bedding again.

This bedding is absolutely fantastic, greatly reduces odour, is super absorbent and I am only taking out 1/4 of a wheelbarrow every time I muck out. And at such a reasonable price, I am absolutely thrilled with this product. THANK YOU.


Chantal Siddle

I started using sun-e-bed having been so disgruntled with the dust factor of other pellets….well its AWESOME! …Absorbent …not dustyeasy to use…just brilliant …we use it in the vets practise stables as brilliant to keep clean and the best we found for airways…doesn’t stick to rugs…

Sarah Childs

Hugo & Sam have been on sun-e-bed for two weeks now.
I have tried an assortment of different bedding in the past and have to say that I was sceptical when I opened the bag.
But I have to say it’s very absorbent even with the dirtiest pony in Northamptonshire!
It also makes a nice deep bed.
My daughter has a dust allergy and since using sun-e-bed hasn’t had a reaction whilst being in the stables.
My only complaint is that Hugo won’t get out of his comfy bed in the mornings.
My advice, “give Sun-e-bed a go”

Kate Whittaker Pegrum

This bedding is nice and easy to muck out, highly absorbent so less muck to take out, which makes for a nice small muck heap. Very pleased with this product.

El Raven

Super pleased with the bedding – we are now using it in the lorry and one bag goes such along way, not only is it so absorbent but also keeps the lorry smelling much more pleasant than soggy shavings. So so easy to muck out too. A great product and great value for money would highly recommend.  

Tabitha Worsley

Couldn’t recommend more highly! Provides a lovely cushioned bed for the horses and stays very clean (even with my dirtiest horse!) Easy maintenance, only needing one bag a week to top the bed up. Quicker and easier to muck out than both shavings and straw. Muck heap is also considerably smaller which is an added bonus!

Victoria Ferguson

I feel I’ve given this brilliant new straw pellet quite a test. I’m using it with my messy and constantly in season mare while she stands in during the day to control her weight. I can not recommend it highly enough. She ate a tiny bit to start with but spraying it with water stopped her eating it. It smells lovely and is incredibly absorbent. There are no ammonia smells and mucking out is so easy, just the heaps and very little else. We will definitely continue using it.

Dominic Sewell

Easy to manage no waste when mucking out.
And useful as a compost.

Emily Ferguson

Having used Sun-e-bed for the last 3 weeks, our muck heap is looking considerably smaller than usual! I have found this bedding to be very quick and easy to use because the highly absorbent pellets help to create little waste. Not only does the bedding smell great whilst not being at all dusty but it still looks just as clean as when we put it down.

Charlotte Fray

Extremely easy to use and muck out from. Only three or four bags needed to create a deep bed in a 12x14m stable!


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