Eventer Will Rawlin is new Sundown ambassador

Will Rawlin

British four star eventer Will Rawlin is the latest Sundown bedding brand ambassador!

Will has been using Sundown Green and Yellow straw bedding for over six years.

All of Will’s 16 horses are bedded on a combination of Sundown Green (chopped wheat straw) and Sundown Yellow (chopped rapeseed straw) which Will says gives him the ideal balance of absorbency, economy, ease of mucking-out, and it creates a lovely soft, warm bed, which encourages his horses to lie down.

Will Rawlin

He says, “All of my horses love their Sundown bedding and it’s reassuring to see them lying down and getting their rest. We have a good routine on the yard, with the horses’ beds topped up with fresh Sundown bedding twice a week. It rots down really quickly in the muck-heap, and even the messier horses do really well on it.

“I’m really delighted to be sponsored by Sundown and working with them as a brand ambassador. I genuinely love their bedding products and it’s great to be building on our long-term relationship.”

Will’s top four star prospects for this season include Ballycoog Breaker Boy and The Partner, who he hopes to take to Bramham International in June and Blenheim International in September. If all goes well this year, The Partner will hopefully take Will to his first Badminton five star in 2023.

Will RawlinWill will be attending Rockingham Castle International Horse Trials on the weekend of 20-22 May where, as well as competing, he will lead the winners of our competition on a group cross country course walk around the international course on Saturday 21 May.

The competition is for 10 pairs of tickets to a cross country course walk, led by Will Rawlin. Read more about the competition and enter.

Find out more about Will Rawlin by visiting his website and following him on Facebook or Instagram.

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