Why is sun-e-bed has several advantages over other types of pellet horse bedding?

sun-e-bed straw pellet horse bedding

Sundown Products have been making straw based horse bedding for over 20 years.We recognised the growing popularity of wood pellets, together with their attributes such as convenience, absorbency and ease of handling, but felt that we could make an even better comparable pellet from straw. sun-e-bed was trialled and refined until we came up with a soft crumble pellet that is packaged into convenient 15kg bags.

As the bedding is an ‘open’ pellet, there is no need to water, where as a hard wood or straw pellet requires spraying when it is put down in a stable to activate the initial breakdown. sun-e-bed makes a secure, comfortable bed as soon as it comes out of the bag and the fact that it is in crumble form means that even greedy horses are much less likely to eat it. Also as the pellet is less dense there is greater coverage per kilogram when compared to wood products.

sun-e-bed volume vs wood pellet bedding

Another significant advantage is that sun-e-bed is made from processed straw, not dust, the bedding breaks down into straw fibres that are not airborne. Numerous customers are telling us that their own allergies and their horses breathing have improved since using sun-e-bed.

sun-e-bed is made from locally sourced straw and provides a consistent and natural bedding which is fully traceable. With current climate change concerns it has to make sense to utilise a locally grown by product from agriculture and one which is grown on an annual basis. Furthermore sun-e-bed is also a sustainable bedding choice as it breaks down into a nitrogen rich compost which is ideal for gardens or farmland.

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