Review For Pellebed Chicken Bedding

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We have been considering using straw pellets for some time and with the limited supply of wood shavings in the spring we decided to try sundown.

Delivered and blown direct in to the sheds was excellent for biosecurity and ease of spreading. With weigh cells on blower trucks makes it easy to put the required amount into each shed. We started spreading at 2kg/m2 and after reduced to 1.9kg/m2

We have just completed our 3rd cycle using Sundown Pellebed and have been impressed with ease of process from ordering to spreading. We have seen a positive effect on our birds.

Good litter quality resulting in reduced podo. Improved flock health allowing good crop performance.

Farm 1 achieving a 3 crop average;
Av. Age: 34.78
Av. Wt. : 2.28 kg
Fcr : 1.49
Epef : 419

Farm 5 achieving a 3 crop average;
Av. Age: 34.36
Av. Wt. : 2.33 kg
Fcr : 1.45
Epef : 452

David Kynaston; Pultry Breeder

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