Sundown Have Been Manufacturing Horse Bedding For Over 20 Years!

Did you know that the team at Sundown have been manufacturing horse bedding for over 20 years!

How things have changed!

Puffa Jackets Royal Horse Riding

Back in the day this was the norm:-

  • Most turnout rugs were made of heavy green canvas – if you were lucky they had cross-surcingles rather than just rear leg straps to keep them in place, but either way it felt like a lifetime waiting for them to dry.
  • Jute rugs could be found in every tackroom — itchy-looking things made from a sack-like fabric, held on by roller.
  • The only 4x4s you saw were Land Rovers, driven by actual farmers.
  • Only top professional riders owned (or had access to) a lorry.
  • You could ride down country lanes while rarely seeing a car.
  • There was no such thing as air jackets. Body protectors were typically a piece of foam held in place with an elasticated belt, which was then replaced by something that more closely resembled those we have today, but with a rather fetching ‘nappy’ attachment that went between your legs before fastening at the front.
  • The most popular colour for jodhpurs was beige or black. Anything else was viewed as dangerously exotic.
  • You bought your riding gear by sending off a form cut out of the back of a horse magazine/catalogue, with a postal order.
  • String or leather girths were the norm. If you turned up at Pony Club with a soft padded cotton girth from Cottage Craft then you were definitely ahead of the curve.
  • Showjumping seemed as big as football or rugby, regularly shown on TV (back when it only had three channels) and drew huge crowds – David Broome and Harvey Smith were national heroes.
  • Puffa jackets (see above) were the height of equestrian fashion – especially the ones with the candy cane stripes.

Thank you H&H for sharing these memories!

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