Sundown Provides Fences For The British Racing School

Sundown first started providing horse bedding to The British Racing School in Newmarket back in 2014. The school uses Sundown Yellow and it has been great working with the yard.

Julie Lingham, Yard Manager says;

“Sundown supply our horse bedding which we have found to be easy to use, not dusty, easy to dispose of, with a fresh eucalyptus aroma.”

We have recently been approached by the school to commission a ‘Sundown’ fence for training equine students. It’s a great idea that we were very happy to support.

Sundown Fence For BRS Riding School

Polly Greco from BRS states;

“As a charitable organisation and teaching establishment, we are grateful for every opportunity to enhance and better our facilities. In turn, this allows our students the best opportunity to train in top class surroundings and with world class equipment. The plan was to source a number of training fences to be used by the students in both our indoor and outdoor arenas. This allows them an opportunity to begin their schooling training in a controlled environment before they make the step up to schooling over fences in open areas.

By having these new fences there would be greater scope for further revenue for the BRS as an charitable organisation, as these facilities could also be used by external clients such as the local Pony Clubs. We would like to thank Sundown Products very much for their sponsorship”

To see more about BRS please visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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