sun-e-bed Competition Winner

Rachel Crook Winner Of £200 Worth Of sun-e-bed Horse Bedding

Sundown Products were really pleased to work with Northants Horse Trader Magazine to run a competition to win £200 worth of their new horse bedding ‘sun-e-bed’ The lucky winner, Rachel Crook has got on so well with the product that she is now are regular customer.

After winning her prize Rachel said;

Rachel  Cubitt,  Director  at Sundown Products Ltd contacted me to explain a little more about the product I had been lucky enough to win. Rachel explained to me that sun-e-bed is ideal for wet horses, as it really soaks up the urine. “I’d never tried a pellet bed before and typically use hemp or wood shavings. I’ve got around 10 horses in  overnight  at  the  moment,  of which a couple of mares are what I’d describe as ‘wet’, producing a lot of urine and mess. “After a day, the pellets fluffed up expanding  the  bed  and  became really easy to use. These pellets soaked up the wet like nothing else I had ever used and contained it, allowing me to remove the small wet  patch  very  easily.  They completely took the usual strong odour of ammonia away and they seem to coat the droppings so that they stay together for easy removal and less waste. Overall, I am very impressed and I have a much drier and tidier bed, with no bad smell from urine and less mess on my horse’s rug.

Please click on the image below to download the article from Northants Horse Trader.

Sundown sun-e-bed NHT Competition Winner 2020

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