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The Rate Of NDF Digestion Is As Important As The Total Digestibility Of NDF

The work at Cornell University has also identified that understanding the RATE of NDF digestion is as important as the total digestibility of NDF.

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Multi Cut Forage Systems. The Devil Is In The Detail!

Many farmers adopting this system encounter rumen health issues, resulting in loose dung, low butter fats and loss of BCS – and lost potential.

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See What Our Customers Say About NIS

Roche’s Feeds in Ireland are harnessing the benefits of NIS in their ruminant feeds.

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What Can We Learn From The Canadians On Milk Solids?

We have had many phone calls from farmers struggling with low butterfat levels when feeding high levels of 1st cut silage. This article discusses the issue.

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How NIS Can Help Heifer Performance After Calving

British Dairying June 2017 “Summer growth critical to heifer performance after calving.”

This article describes the challenges of maintaining growth rates whilst at grass.

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How NIS Helps Improve Efficiency In The Early Days Of Calf Life

British Dairying June 2017. “Improving efficiency in the early days of calf life.”

This article discusses how NIS can be of benefit in calf diets.

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Rumen Dysfunction, New Thoughts On SARA

Excellent article regarding latest thoughts about SARA from Livestock Magazine April 2017

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The Importance Of Using NIS As A Precision Forage

Long term user of NIS, Richard Pilkington explains the importance of precision forage when fine tuning milking cow rations.

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Two Pools Farm, Iron Gate near Bristol.

Using NIS To Balance Fibre

How one farmer uses NIS to balance on farm fibre sources at various stages throughout the year.

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Monitoring Rumen Health Using Dung

The best monitor of rumen health and efficiency is dung score. Loose dung indicates a lack of effective fibre.

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