• Sundown Silver

    A mix of small and larger wood flakes but still with the minimum of dust.

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Sundown Silver Equine Bedding

Sundown Silver has the same clean dust free qualities of Sundown Gold but offers a mix of both large and smaller flakes.

Sundown Silver is manufactured using the latest planing technology before being dried. The drying process is critical – it allows the shaving to be very absorbent but not too brittle, the high temperature also helps prevent any mould and spore growth. The mix of shavings size provides a good bedding structure and makes a durable, comfortable, warm bed

Developed for customers who prefer a mix of large and small shavings.

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Sundown Gold

Sundown Gold Equine Bedding

Premium quality purpose cut dedusted wood flakes that are perfect for the equine industry. We pride ourselves on providing clean, dust free, fresh, soft flakes.

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Sundown Silver Equine Bedding

A mix of small and larger wood flakes but still with the minimum of dust.

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Sundown Red

Sundown Red Equine Bedding

A blend of the finest Sundown Shavings and double dedusted treated straw. This bedding has a pleasant eucalyptus fragrance.

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Sundown Green

Sundown Green Equine Bedding

An economical alternative to shavings. The best quality straw is used to produce Sundown Equine Green. It is chopped and double dust extracted.

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Sundown Yellow

Sundown Yellow Equine Bedding

The chopped and double dedusted rape straw is highly absorbent due to a pithy inner core.

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